Thursday, 17 November 2016

What is this all about?


  • To create new partnerships, new knowledge and new service networks that are based on authentic Finnish lifestyle. Furthermore to offer novel tourism services created to the markets identified by Visit Finland, namely Germany, The United Kingdom and Benelux countries. 
  • To enhance co-operation between project partners and entrepreneurs and to share best practices in Turku Archipelago, Jyväskylä Lakeland area, and internationally.
  • To introduce tourism services and route suggestions grounded on Finnish lifestyle. All services are based on sustainability and high quality aiming to enhance experiences.
  • To compile information about international marketing and distribution channels, competitors and the wishes of the chosen customer segments 
  • To produce materials that bring the Finnish lifestyle alive like: videos,”how to” documents, pictures and stories (in English & German). These materials can be used in both marketing and during the service process
  • To share the service/product ideas and materials created during the project nationally. 


The main actions that will take place during the project are as follows:

  • starting point analysis
  • service development workshops based in Finnish Lifestyle themes
  • bench-marking trips in Finland and Germany
  • piloting and testing of service ideas
  •  marketing and distribution channel analysis
  • producing of marketing materials