Monday, 19 June 2017

A new trail at Turku Archipelago available

Pic: Isokari by Susanna Saari
The three main destinations of this trip – Mathildedal, Pensar and Isokari – are absolute gems of the Finnish southwest coast. If you appreciate magnificent natural scenery, the tranquility of nature, an authentic cultural heritage and personal service, this trip is for you.

The route runs south to north, but the destinations are independent of one another, so you may choose to visit only one or two of them or change the order of your visit. You can tour the route in your own or a rental car, or opt for a combination of bus, taxi and bicycle. All the destinations are also accessible by boat, as they feature guest harbour services. If possible, take the time to visit Turku, the biggest city on the coast, or the idyllic small towns of Parainen (Pargas in Swedish) and Uusikaupunki. We recommend spending at least two nights at each destination. Let yourself be captivated by the scenery and cultural heritage of the archipelago.

The following slides introduce you to this newly created route. Please click the pictures to make them bigger!

Pic: Enjoying Pensar Syd with all senses

Pic:Alpacas at Mathildedal Iron works