Monday, 26 June 2017

Fancy a visit to the most beautiful archipelago in the world?

Map drawn by students at Turku University of Applied Sciences
Are you seeking for new adventures by the sea? Why not try the new "Archipelago National Park Trail" made possible for the first time ever summer 2017?

Many Finnish and even foreign tourist have already experienced the "older" version called Archipelago Route that starts from Turku and connects the main islands of Pargas, Nagu, Korpo, Houtskär, Iniö, and Kustavi.

However, this time around you can travel to the outer islands and really experience the open sea when taking this new trail from the island of Korpo (Korpoström) towards Örö, an old army fortress at the outskirts of the Archipelago Sea. From there you can continue towards Kasnäs and the island of Kemiö and  the continue to the city of Salo and back to Turku.

We have made it easier for you with the help of talented students from Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS). A group of future service designers worked with the project team, and the result is a PDF map with detailed information and tips for the route. At the moment the map can be accessed via the links at TUAS website but we hope that in the future the tourism "Visitdotcoms" of the area will be hosting the files and provide easy access to the route details.

Detailed area information:

  1. Archipelago Trail  - an overview
  2. Distances, links and symbols
  3. Pargas
  4. Nagu 1
  5. Nagu 2
  6. Korpo
  7. Örö - Kasnäs - Dalsbruk
  8. Mathildedal - Teijo

We wish you a pleasant journey with plenty of sun shine and fresh sea air! 

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