Friday, 6 April 2018

The project has finished 31th March 2018

Photo: Aavameri

But do not worry - Finnish Lifestyle is still alive and kicking more than ever! 

In fact according to statistics and news about tourism in Finland we are more interesting than ever. And no wonder. Who would not love fresh air, clean nature, organic and local food, and new experiences!

This blog has many stories and videos for you to read and have a look. You can still use it as a source of inspiration when planning where to go and what to do in Finland.

You can always find up to date information from the pages of Visit Finland for example. For details about Turku Region and the archipelago use Visit Turku pages and for Lakeland Area around Jyväskylä you find information from Visit Jyväskylä pages.

We want to thank all our entrepeneurs for their enthusiams and for taking part. A big thank you also goes to our funders at Centers for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment in Jyväskylä and Turku.